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How to go about purchasing the perfect winter hat

Choosing the perfect winter hat is an important decision, as it can enhance your cupboard and at the same time provide you warmth. One of the most important points to consider in the choice of a hat is that it should match with the shape of your face, as some hats suit round faces while others suit long faces, and then they are those, which are perfect for any face shape.

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When it comes to winter hats, ski hats have become a favorite. These hats tend to automatically give that warm feeling; they tend to look cozy and can compliment a warm and a casual feeling. Ideally it should be combined with a coat, gloves or a scarf, the ski hats tend to be a welcome addition to any wardrobe. When you look at the ski hats, ensure that they work well with your facial shape. In most cases than not, the people than how they look with round or heart shaped faces.

Another common choice when it comes to winter hats is the beanie. They have been for a considerable amount of time and both men and women can wear them. It is more of a casual form of cap and it can be worn with jeans, jacket, and gloves along with a scarf. It is often worn on cold days to keep the head and ears warm. These hats suit one with a heart shaped face and people with long face tend to look out of shape. The only way by which you can be sure that the hat is perfect is that you need to try them on in the store and find out on how it looks on you. In regions where winter gets colder, trapper hats have become popular and they look like a winter hat and they have wings on both sides when it comes to cover the ears.

Flat caps can be a good choice for someone with a rounded face. It is sophisticated, stylish and can be worn to work or casual occasions. They tend to look good with jeans or a military coat and a big jacket. They are available in a host of colors and they work out to be a welcome addition to the winter collection of a woman.

One needs to understand that not everyone is comfortable in wearing a hat. No matter whatever shape you have, each face shape has a particular hat to go with the occasion. The best places to locate them are the online stores. For older people, to beat the cold, monkey cap online purchase is seen favorite from the reviews of various online websites.

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The caps that can keep you safer

Considering the negative effects of cold on human body there are a lot of winter garments and other accessories that can protect the body of the wearer from cold and chilling wind. There are various garments launched by the producers and designers on time to time so that the demand of the wearers can be satisfied. However, there is seen a huge diversity among these winter garments also according to the local climate. Hence, there are many garments that provide ultimate protection while there are also a few which offer moderate protection. There is no doubt that in the market there are also high quality winter garments are available that can counter the snow fall also.

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There are many materials to produce these winter garments but wool is the most preferred material due to its natural cold resistance. Therefore for ages, people have been preferring winter garments made of wool. However, with the change in time this mentality is also being changed as there are many other materials that can help one to protect the human body against cold. These materials include silk, acrylic, synthetic, polyester and fibre.

There are also accessories made of wool and all these materials so that they can offer protection to ears, hands and gloves. The balaclavas, monkey caps, caps, mufflers, socks, gloves, and rounds are the leading accessories used by the people to counter the cold. The monkey caps are most trusted and preferred accessory for protecting ears. They are made of wool and nowadays they are also having a separate inner layer making it safer than before. The monkey cap online purchase figures show that this accessory is still in trend and people trust it for a better protection to ears as well as head. The monkey cap is a reliable protective cover for kids and old age people particularly for males.

There are endless designs and various patterns as well as colours available in the offline market and online market which are the primary sources of the shopping of this cap. The wool is a material which if require can be stretched and therefore size of this cap does not matter much. There are a lot of producers of this cap who sell them to retailers and also sell them on online stores.

In this age of information technology, the online shopping is more in trend than offline shopping. There are many people who don’t like to go for the shopping or don’t find time for moving to the local market and inquire about different products. Considering all these factors they prefer online shopping that is more useful for them due to a number of advantages. The online stores offer home delivery of the items, cash on delivery facility, better quality at lower rates, availability of branded as well as non-branded items and many other benefits that can be much helpful to the shoppers.

winter woolen caps

Are you educated enough on how to keep the cold at bay?

Poor planning related to the winters can pave way for frost bites and cold related ailments. Glance below at the factors and how to woo away the winter blues in the best possible manner.

The body heat is lost through the head

Though there is nothing special about the head, yet you will lose body heat through any part of the body which is exposed. You could wear a headgear or if you can undertake monkey cap online purchase to cover your head in the best possible manner. How much heat is lost through the head is also dependent upon the thickness of your hair and how much energy you are spending out in the cold. As children loose most amount of heat through the head, so hats and hoods are all the more important for them.

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Dress in layers

Dressing in layers allows one to adjust to different levels of activity. But a mere warm garment is more than enough to keep away the winter chills. If you dress in layers, it is bound to make some sense, for someone who is exercising in the cold. For better results, one could wear a man made fabric which is worn next to the skin and the middle layer which you can take off if you are feeling warm.

All feel cold at the same temperature

It is a known fact that the hands and feet of women tend to catch cold much faster than that of men. This is because the external temperature at which the men’s and women’s body start conserving heat varies by around 3 degree Celsius.

One could dress warmly to avoid the cold. In fact, there are around 200 types of virus which cause cold.

Consumption of alcohol

Drinking alcohol is bound to keep you warm, as it causes blood to rush to the surface of your skin. In a way, the blood vessels widen and you tend to lose heat faster. If you drink alcohol in the cold, it slows down the process of shivering. That produces body heat. But on the negative side of things, too much consumption of alcohol has negative impact on the judgment process.

Winter cold can be pretty dangerous if one is not ready, or if one is prepared with false information. You need to be educated properly before the cold sets. Now with the advent of the internet, information is available at your fingertips. Depending upon the area and the climatic conditions one is likely to encounter, do a research and keep out the winter blues in the best possible manner.

So get set and rock!

winter woolen caps

A few important tips when planning to visit cold areas

The winter is a season when one can move to different areas. The touring and camping provides a different sense of joy during this season, but one has to take a number of factors into consideration while moving to various areas on a trip. Specifically, if one is moving to colder areas there are a number of factors one has to consider before reaching there. The most important point is, one has to check for the temperature and season in the area where he is planning to go for the trip. Here are a few tips to prepare for the same:

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Proper clothing and equipment: It is important to plan well before moving anywhere in the winter, especially if one is planning to go to a distant and unknown place. One must get best possible information about the area, weather and available facilities over there in terms of hospital, doctor and medical stores. Though it seems a bit weird, but in case of an emergency situation, this information can be proved as lifesaving. One must take the proper number of winter wears with good quality to face the severe cold in the area also. If one is going for some activity such as mountaineering or climbing, it is better to have all the equipment also with him.

Quality winter wear sets: There must be quality winter wears with one in case of a tour to clod areas. If one is to visit area such as Ladakh or Amarnath, it is wise to have more than one set of such high quality winter wears as the cold over there is really unbearable for a normal human being. The garments must be such that can be used against cold as well as rain and snow fall also. If still one feels cold, he can go for multilayer of these outfits that can be too useful in such places.

Health and medicines: The health condition in unknown cold areas must be watched closely and no symptom can be overlooked as it can be just a signal of deteriorating health. Hence, proper medicines must be taken along with all the other required items to visit such places.

Other winter accessories: There are a number of accessories for winter. In colderareas, it is not sufficient to protect the body only as the head, hands, and legs come in direct touch to the cold. Not only that, in the snow area one has to protect the eyes and face also. So quality gloves, socks, balaclava, sunglasses, scarves and mufflers also must be in the list of required items. The items like monkey cap online purchase can be a better idea as the online stores can have better quality items with variety and at a lower rate than the conventional market of the winter wears.