Nomophobia – Get Set To Tackle Contemporary World Problems

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Technology brings pleasures and pain too. Nomophobia, the next-Gen contemporary world problem has caused a stir due to a large number of cases reporting every single day. The number is alarming and indeed is capable to cause a concern. Nomophobia is fear of departing from the phone. The person suffering from this condition cannot even imagine of not having a phone for a while. Well, the problem worsens due to various reasons and it indeed is a concern these days. Well, no medicines can cure the problem and a swell in the symptoms results in more problems otherwise. Precautions help in staying away from the problem just as precautions while buying warm bed sheets online help in the nick of the time.

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Understand The Magnitude Of The Problem

Understanding the magnitude of the problem helps in identifying it. Here are some symptoms and if they are present in you then you surely are a victim of Nomophobia and need help.

  • You suffer from Nomophobia if you sleep with your phone. Well, majority adults and even kids for that matter prefer to share bed with their smartphone. Well, they use it up to the last minute to check mails, social media, or entertainment. However, it significantly denotes that you are a victim and need help.
  • If you feel that you smartphone connects you with the rest of the world and you need it all the times to stay connected then you are a Nomophobiac. Well, the world does not come at halt if you are not connected with it for a while. However, the emotional attachment and pressure make you believe so and it triggers Nomophobia.
  • You are suffering from Nomophobia if you cannot stand departing with your cell phone even when you charge the battery. Common symptoms are you repetitively check completed charge percent and compute time remaining unnecessarily. The problem worsens when the phone battery drains completely and you do not have an access to a wall adapter or a USB port for that matter. Anticipating faster battery drain and fear of running out of the power is another variation of the problem.
  • You keep on trying to hop on the network or Wi-Fi when your phone is not connected to the internet data. Surely, it does not wreck havoc on the world but your behavior does. The problem occurs on multiple levels when you are suffering from Nomophobia and indeed, it is noticeable.
  • The feeling of being stranded in the middle of nowhere is a common symptom of Nomophobia if you are left without a phone for a while. You feel stranded even though you have nothing to do with a phone. However, the separation hurts. Being a Nomophobiac is not a good state anyway.

Understanding the next-Gen emotional disturbances and their cognizance in your life is of paramount essence and it truly disturbs you on various levels if you are suffering from them. Therefore, diagnose the problem and overcome it with preventive measures. Changing some lifestyle habits truly helps to tackle contemporary world problems for once and for all.

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