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Sleep, Sleep And Keep Sleeping….

Sleep…. It is absolutely priceless. We spend much of our lifetime sleeping. That is where we actually get the real comfort, happiness and health. Investing in a luxurious bed returns you unmatchable relaxation. When you say a ‘luxurious bed’ you can’t miss out the linen. Here under, we present you all about bed linen online shopping. Just check it out…!!

Significance Of Linen Beds:

  • It is one of the oldest fabrics ever used, which is constructed out of flax fibers.
  • It is anti bacterial and resists moisture effectively and also provides good ventilation.
  • They don’t cause skin allergies and are skin friendly.
  • They provide you un- matched comfort, trendy look.


Selecting the right size is as equally important as selecting the design. Here are the few standard sizes, mostly preferred. Just check out the size in which you bed falls and buy accordingly.

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

However, there are also various other standard sizes like California king, extra long twin. To accommodate the pillows or if the bed is thicker, go with deep pocket bed sheets which are longer at the corners to facilitate the odds.buy bed linen online in India

Weaves Of Bed Linens:

The way the bedding feels matters a lot. Make sure the texture of the fabric is highly comfortable. The weave of the fabric, means the same as the texture of it.

  • Flannel bed sheets are warmer and are highly preferred to use in summer.
  • Sateen weave has a higher number of threads and gives out a soft texture. However, their durability is much less when compared to other kinds of its type.

Thread Count:

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch. It is considered that, higher the thread count better is the quality of the fabric. It also means a softer texture. However, another important factor to be considered here is “ply”. In the process of weaving, a few threads are wrapped together. These numbers of threads are represented by “Ply”. It is advisable to prefer single ply sheets.

Care Of Bed Linens:

  • To ensure durability of the bed linens, a careful washing procedure has to be adopted.
  • Follow the instructions as stipulated by the manufacturer.
  • Too much of bleaching or excessive usage of detergent can cause considerable damage to the fabric.

Get Online:

Online shopping can fetch you a bunch of advantages over the traditional shopping methods. You don’t have to waste a few hours just to shop a bed linen. They provide you a wide range of options to choose the one of your choice.

  • The description of the product has to be read carefully while buying. The description must present all the info about the thread count, fabric and other details.
  • It is advisable to prefer a renowned online store.
  • Check out for the shipping charges. Sometimes, these charges add up too much to the cost of the fabric.
  • Most importantly, check out the features like hemstitching, embroidery, weave and other such factors.
winter bed sheets online

Gifts for house warming

House warming parties are jolly times. You get to spend time with your friends and family while checking out the house of your host. Buying gifts for such parties can also be fun. You want your gift to be something special as house warming does not happen every year. Also you want your gift to be usable not something that would collect dust in the cupboard. It is always better to buy something that could be used by the entire family. Well here are some ideas on what to gift on a house warming occasion so that the hosts would not forget you.

winter bed sheets online

House warming is the start of a new journey. You would like to buy a gift that is auspicious and would bring good luck to the family. Idols of god are the most appropriate for this purpose. If it is a Hindu family buy an idol of Lord Ganesha or Lord Laxmi. If the family is Christian, pick statue of Jesus, Mother Mary or Holy Family. Similarly you can buy lucky charms according to different beliefs like Fengshui. They will be a nice decorative piece too. After shifting into a new house the greatest challenge is to decorate it. It would be welcome if you could help in that purpose. Art paintings are much appreciated house warming gifts. It could be landscape painting or a still life painting; you can never go wrong with them. And you can save some pretty penny by going for art prints; they equal the original in beauty. Flower vases when combined with a nice bunch of flowers can make perfect gifts.  Table lamps can serve as both appliance and home decor. A classy table lamp can add an edge to the drawing room.

Moving towards the kitchen, you can gift a set of silver and brass utensils. They are useful and will enhance the beauty of the kitchen. A pressure cooker or cutlery set is also something that would be loved by the host. A personalised cutting board for a lady who is newly married can be innovative. She will feel happy every time she reads the message on the board.  They are practical and inevitable for any home. Table mats for the dining table give a nice look to the dining area. All the more better if they are personalised. Not to miss out the bedroom, luxury bed linens are something people actually want. They look gorgeous and give you royal feel before you drift off to sleep. Yet with so many things to take care of people often do not want to splurge on this item. But when given as a gift your friends would be proud to use them.  A tool box jar that includes a few things needed to make a new house home can be a perfect gift for a man. With so many things to hang up and arrange, this item will not be laying idle.

Armoured with these gift ideas you will be loved in all house warming parties.