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How to empower weaker section of society during winter breaks

The world is in a bitter condition. People living on the side of the roads are dying because of lack of basic necessities. It is important that stronger section of people are coming down and helping all these people in need.

Winter is the season when people from all the parts of society grow tensed and unhealthy. People living on roads and in huts go through a lot during these winter days; they do not have the money to buy blankets and medicines.

Everyone with access to the best of medical facilities and warm clothes can make the best use of their free time to provide them with the basic necessities like blankets and medicine.

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Some of the common ways in which you can contribute for a better world:

  • Work for a NGO: it is important that you are contributing and not the mean by which. You can go ahead and work for them on your personal basis or you can simply get in touch with an NGO and do something that is helpful for the common and the needy people.
  • Helping the locals: you can always share your old blankets and warm clothes with the people living on roads in your society. You can also share some new socks for winter with them and help them in protecting themselves from the coming winter.
  • Medical camps: A lot of you are going to know a lot of doctors. You can always join their hands and organize medical camps for these under privileged people. This is going to help them in acquiring the best remedy for their degrading health and you will acquire a lot of happiness. It is going to be an amazing experience and you are going to cherish it lifelong.

  • Helping people is never going to go out of fashion. Everyone must keep it in his or her mind that good comes back and it comes back in multitude form. It is really important that people from around the world are helping people in need in order to make this planet a safer and a healthier place to live.

The degrading health of the poor people is also going to impact the health of riches, it is extremely important to maintain a balance between both. Government is trying its best but the efforts are not enough, we need to join in and increase the intensity of the development.

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Winter wear and online shopping benefits

Online market for shopping has given rise to easy availability of any product in the market. People have started purchasing products through online medium rather than going and purchasing them from the market place. People prefer purchasing online rather than going to the stores. Availability of products at a click has helped a lot to the customers to purchase sitting at a place. Now in the winter season, woolen products have been on demand. People have started purchasing the woolen wear for welcoming the season. Online shopping has made the availability of cloths purchasing so easy.

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Apparel line of woolen wear includes sweat shirts, sweaters, woolen caps, woolen hand gloves, woolen socks, etc. Now a day’s purchasing products online has become a trend. It has become as easier to purchase woolen socks online India market. Different online websites have made it easier and organized to operate on the website for ordering the products. The user friendly interface has always helped the user to surf out the variety available in the market of woolen wear. Now online shopping market is growing very speedily. People are more prone to the online purchase rather than visiting the brick and motor stores in the locality. Online purchase not only accommodates with home deliveries but also easy assistance is also been provided by the service provider.

 Different value adding facilities such as easy delivery, easy replacements, easy return are been provided to avoid discomfort of the customer. Different competitive market has helped in growing the online shopping market in India. Easy assistance provided from the service provider has helped to develop the Indian online shopping market. Availability of brands on a click has helped the customers to know the variety of products in the market. Customers have a user friendly interface to operate of purchasing any product. Feasibility to check products and give suitable feedback is also available. One can go through the reviews mentioned in the review list to know about the products from the customers who have used it earlier.

So all said and done, one needs to understand the major advantages associated with wool. It is the natural substance grown on the sheep and is composed of a protein fiber known as keratin. They have curls or crimps which give the wool a spongy feeling and create insulation for the wearer. They are composed of amino acids, the moisture is high and they tend to be warmer than the other fabrics. They have good resistance to acids, but poor resistance to alkalis. A point to be noted is that the quality of wool is to a great extent influenced by the breeding conditions. Combining the benefits of woolen clothing with online shopping will definitely make the buyer experience amazing.

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Need for woolen socks!

Winter months are a time when the body needs proper protection from the outside cold. Be it upper part of the body, hands, legs, feet or head, each one of them requires protection from the chilly winters. Hence, there is a great need to buy woolen socks online. The feet also need to be protected from the bitter cold or if they catch cold whole body gets affected, nose gets blocked and several health issues clutch the body. That is why feet are the organ that is more prone to getting affected from cold and thus more care needs to be taken.

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If you have not experienced the magic of wear woolen socks then now is the right time. The fact is that cotton athletic socks will not be enough, and it may feel that you have not worn anything on the feet at all. In no ways, does it matter how warm your winter boots are, the simple fact is that if you are wearing cotton socks your feet will perspire for sure and you will end up with cold and damp feet. Wool is an excellent insulator and the need of the hour is to invest in quality woolen socks.


Woolen socks are made up of warm material and are very useful in the winter season as these protect the feet from cold. Also, some people’s skin is so sensitive that cracks and swelling gets developed on their feet. Socks prevent these kinds of swelling and infections from growing on the feet. The pain and hurt caused due to it is also minimized as the soft material of the woolen socks does not cause any kind of itching and irritation. Moreover, when the feet remain covered they remain protected from sun tan and grow fairer.

Other features

Wool is a natural fiber and it is the only material in the world which is grown by mammals to regulate body temperature across all climates. The breathable quality of wool allows the excess moisture and heat to be removed from the body. The body stays warm when you are wearing woolen socks, and it is wet. It is also a very practical fiber which means that even if dust accumulates on the surface of it, one can clean it without any sort of fuss.

It is very important to protect your feet as any kind of injury or discomfort proves to be a major health ailment and people cannot move properly.

In short, woolen socks are very important to be worn in winter season as there are a number of advantages and uses that these serve and at the same time the diseases common during the winter months stay away from the body.

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Rich heritage of Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, during the British rule was called as Cape Comorin of India. Kanyakumari locale has stunning perspective of shorelines that makes the tourists visit this place regularly. Tourist will appreciate every minute in Kanyakumari by going to the visitor spots. The place is at the southern most end part of the country. It is very cold here during winter and you should be very careful if you are taking kids along with you. It is better to get some good jackets and winter socks for toddlers online shopping in India. It will help your kids to stay comfortable during the holiday period. You can also enjoy the holidays peacefully when your kids are healthy and happy.

There are various visitor spots in Kanyakumari that pulls in the travellers from all parts of the country. The Vivekananda memorial rock is situated amidst sea is opened consistently for tourists. There is a Museum which is managed by the local authorities which is also an important traveller spot where you can see the accumulations of bronze models, antique coins and many other precious items.

winter socks for toddlers

Kanyakunari is most popular community for Ayurveda. Ayurveda is one of the conventional recuperating methods in India. It was started in India before 5000 years back. There are various ayurvedic spas in this region. You can get the best treatment for all problems in a holistic method. Many patients come from very far to get good quality natural therapy in this region. You can also get good quality ayurvedic massages at many of these spas. The therapists are trained properly and you can have a good experience when you visit Kanyakumari in this holiday season. This area is not just well known for its craft, culture and religion additionally conspicuous for the exchange and trade. This region was earlier controlled by a couple of celebrated kingdoms like the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Cheras and the Nayaks.

A few years back Kanyakumari region was known as South Travancore, then it was a piece of Kerala locale. In any case, now Kanyakumari region is mapped at Tamil Nadu state. Kathakali is a standout amongst the trendiest conventional activities in this area. The capital of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram is at a separation of eighty five kilometres from the town of Nagercoil and easily reachable by road. You can book a taxi to travel in this route.

History of Kanyakumari

This place has been named after the Kanyakumari Amman who is the well known goddess of the zone. Legend has it that the Goddess Parvati was born as Devi Kanniya and did penance to marry Lord Shiva. You can have a short visit to Kumari Amman sanctuary and also to the Vattakottai Fort that are the main attractions of this region.

Two stones connect the sea, southeast of the Kumari Amman sanctuary. One of these is Sri Padaparai, where the foot shaped impressions of the virgin goddess are said to be engraved on this stone, Swami Vivekananda is said to have sat in profound reflection and got siddhi in this place.

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Package Tour of Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, the meeting point of Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean is a best known traveller spot in south India. This colourful spot situated in Tamil Nadu presents a staggering perspective of sunset and the sunrise over the waters. Awesome culture, history and crafts of Kanyakumari city are amazing for the millions of tourists who come here to rejuvenate their souls and mind. You can ideally have a 3 day package tour to see all the famous spots of Kanyakumari.

On the first day upon landing in Thiruvananthapuram Airport, agents from Kanyakumari package tour will accommodate you to a pre booked lodging in Kanyakumari. You can relax and enjoy your stay at the hotel. You can also walk around the town or take a ride in the taxi and checkout the place.

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On the second day after breakfast in the early morning, Kanyakumari package tour will begin its voyage by going to Kumari Amman Temple. This sanctuary devoted to Lord Parvathi is believed to be the spot where Goddess Parvati married Lord Shiva. This sanctuary with great history draws in thousands of devotees from everywhere throughout the world. Navaratri Festival and Vaikasi Visakam are two main celebrations observed in this sanctuary. After this, you can now proceed onward to well known Vivekananda Rock Memorial. This remembrance remaining on the highest point of two stones is found 500 meters off the island. Vivekananda Rock Memorial which was built amid 1970’s is accepted to be the spot where Swami Vivekananda did penance. The place can be very cold during the night time. You should take good sweaters, caps and warm socks for winter holidays.

On the final day of Kanyakumari tour, you will begin by visiting the well known Gandhi Memorial. The building is designed in such a way that the sunlight falls on the place where Gandhiji’s ashes were kept before being immersed in ocean. Peaceful encompassing and motivating atmosphere of Gandhi memorial stirs the glad recollections of Gandhi in the hearts of guests.

Government exhibition hall is one among the prime attractions of the Kanyakumari package tour. Astonishing gathering of bronze statues, tribal items, old coins and woodcarvings exhibit in Kanyakumari inspires every tourist to capture the beauty. This traveller spot situated in the Gandhi Memorial Road was set up in the year 1991. This exhibition hall is opened for vacationers from 9 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening aside from on Fridays, second Saturdays and national holidays. After that, you will be dropped back to your hotel and your tour officially ends here.

However, if you want to go out for shopping in Kanyakumari, you can ask the tour operators to suggest the best places for shopping. They will guide you to the best shopping hubs in Kanyakumari. You can also request them to drop you to the nearest airport or railway station as per your convenience.

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Exotic winter holidays in Mahabalipuram

In the event that you cherish beaches and are getting ready for an excursion, then Mahabalipuram is one such place that you can consider which is situated at the southern most part of India. It is a standout amongst the most popular traveller destinations in South India that pulls in large number of tourists from all over the world. It is about 50 kms from Chennai and around 95 kms from the city of Pondicherry. This spot is also extremely popular for the wonderful sanctuaries having glorious architecture of ancient times.

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How to reach Mahabalipuram:

The city is extremely well connected with every single major city of South India through road and railway network and all that is needed is around 1 hour of travel to reach there from Chennai by road. Mahabalipuram’s closest railway station is situated in Chengalpattu at the separation of around 29 kms. Apart from that, you can also reach the place easily by hiring a taxi from Chennai. You can get in touch with local tour operators at Chennai to arrange a package tour for Mahabalipuram.

Weather in Mahabalipuram:

The atmosphere of Mahabalipuram is extremely moist and hot, where the temperature in the season of summer spans to 38 degree. It likewise gets substantial heavy rains amid storm, which can ruin the delight of your touring during the monsoon season. Henceforth, the perfect time to visit this city is from November till the month of March or February end. But, during winter season, you have to have proper winter gear to keep yourself warm. You should ideally get some sweaters and jackets and you can also buy wool socks online to keep yourself warm during the holidays.


The beachfront of the Mahabalipuram is exceptionally uncommon and the city has the most intriguing sanctuaries. The two most mainstream attractions of this spot are Arjuna’s Penance spot and Five Rathas which is believed to be of the Pandavas. Despite the fact that Mahabalipuram is well known for the shorelines of the city yet it has numerous other mainstream traveller destinations that one ought to visit if flying out to this spot with your family. You can get to see the Tiger Caves and the crocodile bank in this place.


This spot is likewise extremely prestigious for artworks made by local people of Mahabalipuram. The crafted works of this city comes specifically from the old times. Your travel operators will assist you in discovering the best places for shopping in Mahabalipuram.

Mahabalipuram Hotels:

In Mahabalipuram one can get abundant choices as far as hotels are considered. You can get a hotel for every budget. The beach resorts of this place are situated in the northern part of the city can likewise be a decent choice for you in the event that you cherish staying close to the beach.

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Backwaters of Alleppey in Kerala

There is something magical about Kerala tourism. You will never get tired of seeing the green hills and the silent backwaters of this place. Alleppey located in Kerala is one such magical holiday destination which attracts millions of people from all over the country. This green area is sustained by an immeasurable system of 44 streams, trenches, tidal ponds and channels. Along these lines, backwater tourism is prospering at a quicker pace in this state. Individuals from faraway places visit the green place to enjoy a peaceful holiday in the lap of Mother Nature.

Alleppey is also a hub for coir business and cashew nut factories. Entitled as the ‘Venice of the East’, Alleppey or Alappuzha gives you a chance to appreciate the natural beauty of backwaters. You can get the best accommodation in this place. You would have never imagined that you can also stay in a boathouse. These houseboats are very big and will easily accommodate few people. It has all the luxurious facilities and comfort to make your holiday a memorable experience. If you are travelling in the winter season, you can buy winter socks online in India and pack them with your baggage. Along with that, it is also advisable to carry some warm jackets and caps.


Overview of Alleppey

This place is situated 80 km from Cochin. You can get a good view of numerous paddy fields, bushes, trees and rich houseboats all around Alleppey. If you want to enjoy the true beauty of Alleppey, you have to take the backwater journey on conventional boats called Kettuvalloms. These legacy vessels were utilized to transport rice, flavours and different materials. Later in 1990s, these were changed to lavish houseboats for the simplicity of sightseers who wished to enjoy the heavenly excellence of the state while floating on waters. This is maybe the most ideal approach to have a look of common excellence, society & customs and charming greenery & fauna of the area.

Vembanad Lake in Alleppey is the biggest attraction for backwater tourism and attracts thousands of people on a daily basis. People from all over the country come to this place to enjoy the boat ride.

Apart from backwater tourism, Alleppey is also an attractive destination for crafted works like coir items, floor coverings and silver gems. Apart from these, it is also well known for cardamom and coconut oil. The place has millions of coconut trees and the climatic condition is suitable for the growth of these trees. Since the place enjoys good amount of rainfall, there is no shortage of water for these coconut trees. You can find the best coconut oil in Kerala. It is so popular that it is also used in cooking in many places. This is probably the only place in the country where coconut oil is used for cooking purpose.

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Amazing Backwater tourism of Kerala

When you talk about Kerala tourism, the first thing that strikes the mind is the backwaters. The Kerala backwaters are amazingly wonderful and one of the principle attractions of any Kerala tour. The seaside zone of Kerala comprises of a system of channels framed by waterways, trenches and lakes that connects the distinctive beachfront towns together. This interconnection of channels is known as the backwaters in Kerala that is being utilized for a considerable length of time for transportation, fishing and many other activities. You can now stay at a conventional houseboat that sails through these backwaters for an unforgettable experience during your holiday.


Weather : The climatic condition in Kerala is very cold in winter season. If you are planning a visit during this holiday season, you should take jackets, caps and good quality socks for winter season. Avoid visiting the place during rainy season as it can rain heavily for days together at a time.

Alappuzha Backwaters: With the Arabian Sea on the west and a limitless system of lakes, tidal ponds and channels surrounding it, Alappuzha is among the best backwater destinations in Kerala. It is referred to as the Venice of the east by voyagers from over the world. This backwater town is additionally home to diverse animals and birds.

Kozhikode Backwaters: Kozhikode is a port in the northern part of the state, earlier known as Calicut. The amazing backwaters of this region are perfect for encountering captivating Kerala tours. This locale is renowned for old landmarks, wide open peaceful beaches and amazing wild life.

Trivandrum Backwaters: Capital of Kerala, Trivandrum must be included in your Kerala package tour. With a voyage to Trivandrum backwaters, you can appreciate different attractions like the temple of Sree Ananta Padmanabha Swami , Neyyar Dam and Varkala along with a visit to the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kuttanad Backwaters: Known as the ‘Ricebowl of Kerala’ Kuttanad is full of paddy fields and is one of the prime features of Kerala tourism. This gives you a glimse of the rural life of Kerala. Kuttanad Backwaters is amazingly excellent and without a doubt merits a visit.

Kottayam Backwaters: Kottayam is is very famous for lakes and is one of the prime attractions of Kerala tourism. Kottayam is a place where you get to see the all encompassing backwaters, lavish paddy fields and broad open fields.

Kollam Backwaters: Kollam is known for the cashew and marine port. The journey from Kollam to Alappuzha, which endures eight hours, is an otherworldly ride along the picturesque backwaters of Kerala. Appreciate this voyage by booking Kerala holiday package ahead of time.

Kochi Backwaters: Popularly known as the ‘Ruler of Arabian Sea’, Kochi is a group of islands encompassing the Vembanad Lake. Vypeen, Bolgatty, Gundu and Vallarpadam are some of the popular islands of this place.

Kumarakom Backwaters: Situated in the excellent Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a heaven on earth. A charming outing spot and a quick backwater tourism destination, Kumarakom offers a lot of chances for drifting, and other water sports activities.

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Relish Savor Of Deadly Chase And Win – Enjoy Hunting In Nepal

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is the place acclaimed for the finest adventure tourism with the real-time action. It is situated in the western region of the Nepal. Well, obviously no one can simply walk with a gun and shoot all the animals in the jungle. There are regulations and they are made to make hunting sensible and sensual. However, the fortunate part of the story is hunting is legally allowed in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. Always insist of carrying enough woolens and best winter socks for enhanced protection from the cold and other elements, as you would be venturing amid the jungle when you set off for hunting. Nepal offers many such amazing opportunities to enjoy the finest of the adventure tourism under one roof. Be sure not to miss the magnificent moments amidst the wilderness.


Apply In The Perfectionist Way

DNPWC or the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation of Kathmandu releases the permission for the hunting. Application process is not complex and a hunting license is issued to professional hunters. However, always ensure to procure permissions and license before you set off for hunting. DNPWC releases these licenses twice a year. These licenses are released during the spring. Alternately, DNPWC issues licenses in autumn. Planning and making reservations is always a nice initiative to avoid disappointments, as you do not want to reach late or miss the action.

Facilities – Self-Reliance Is The Key

Well, do not expect starred hotel facilities amidst the jungle. Typically, tent houses as well as the in-home stays are available. However, you need to make reservations in line with the days you are staying in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. Baglung is 72 km away from Pokhara. However, you need to take a trek to Dhorpatan from Baglung and may require around four days to reach depending upon your stamina and capacity.

Explore The Wildlife – Shoot With Camera First

Dhorpatan hosts a broad array of wildlife including a few endangered species. However, you are not allowed to hunt the endangered species and you need to learn to identify them before you hunt. However, you can always shoot them with a camera. Some of the prominent members of the wildlife found in Dhorpatan are

  • Blue sheep
  • Serow
  • Tahr
  • Himalayan black bear
  • Partridge
  • Pheasant
  • Ghoral

In addition, Red Panda and Cheer Pheasant are nominated as endangered species and protected. Amazing variety of wildlife in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve offers a treat to hunters.

Hunting season in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is open twice a year and therefore you need to prep early to catch the moments of the action. However, it is always necessary to understand that it is not a cakewalk. You need the guts of steel and the unstoppable rush of the adrenaline as hunting in Nepal indeed tests your endurance too. A trek of four days just to reach Dhorpatan is sufficient for many amateurs to run away from the hunting. However, hunting in Nepal certainly is worth it.

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Dog Socks For Winter – Do You Ever Know What Your Furry Friend Actually Needs?

Winter brings a lot of variations and it remarkably makes you change many everyday habits. You start using slippers at home or wear winter socks before stepping out and make sure to take adequate care of the feet. However, have you ever considered the true requirements of your furry friend? Dire winter cold hurts your pooch’s paws equally as it does to you. Well, you need to go on long walks and it certainly makes your dog uncomfortable. Have you seen a dog trying to lift all the four legs at once? It may look funny yet it is a sad indication that your pet is unable to deal with the chill with the available resources and needs an aid.

Offer Protection Smartly

Find out if you dog is reluctant to step on the floor or go out with you. It indicates that you need to offer smart protection. Dog winter socks works precisely the way your woolen winter socks work for you and procuring best woolen socks online India stores offer for pets is a smart solution. Although inexpensive, these socks come with magnificent features. Always check the suitability for indoor as well as outdoor use. Dog socks offered online come with superb quality and indeed meet the highest standards as far as protection and comfort wear are concerned. However, you need to know a thing or two before you set off for the shopping.

90_wollean socks in india

Pet Psychology – Read Behavioral Signals

Understanding what your pet needs is very essential and reading the behavioral signals makes more sense than you can ever imagine. It in fact, offers a superb option to buy a precise fit for your pet. Dog socks for winter come with amazing features like

  • Excellent warmth offered by the socks is unparalleled and it removes all the constraints pets face when they move around in the winter. Typically, pet winter socks are very suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. These functional socks are the finest source to keep pet paws toasty and pets happy.
  • Superb grip offered by the socks eliminates another problem pets suffer during the winter and snowfall. Slippery surface makes them handicapped to walk and causes a serious concern for propagation. Pet socks come with specially designed soles and provide excellent grip on all types of slippery surfaces.
  • Licking is a favorite pass time of pets. Especially they love to lick their paws more than anything else. Pet socks refrain them from licking paws. Moreover, these socks also offer protective coating and help to heal wounds faster.
  • Grabbing a right set of four for your furry friend is easy and inexpensive too. Several online stores offer dog socks in various sizes, colors, and styles.

Alfred or Tommy, you love your pet and taking appropriate care is your responsibility. Pets do undergo lots of changes due to climatic variations and are prone to suffer badly due to them. Therefore, extend the care when you ought to extend and make sure that your furry friend stays warm forever.