Going on a winter adventure?

wollean clothes

Winter adventure sounds so much fun. But if you go on your adventure or holiday without appropriate winter wears, do not expect to return fit and health. Here is all you need this winter holiday.

  • Dress yourself in layers – Of course, layers are needed to seal in the heat of your body and not let it out. If the temperature has dropped down to extreme cold conditions or when you are taking a winter mountain trip, you should have three protective layers, an outer layer, middle layer and base layer. The base level is your intimate clothing, like your undergarments or those which first touch your skin. Thermals are good for base level clothing. The middle level does the work of insulation. The last and outermost layer is the one in direct contact with the chill.

winter gloves online

  • Protect your hands – Protection of hands must not be ignored. Buy hand gloves online India for activities needing use of hands. Mittens are known to keep the hands warmer for a long period of time since your fingers remain warm when together. So carry mittens or gloves with you.
  • Put on insulated boots – Wear these as your feet will be in direct touch with the freezing cold ground or floor. Waterproof boots with synthetic or wool materials are the best.
  • Protect your neck and head too –Two biggest sources of loss of heat in the body are neck and the head. Cover them thoroughly. A scarf best does the work of protecting the neck.
  • Wear goggles or sunglasses – Because winters do not mean that the sun will never come out and sunglasses are not just worn for protection from sunrays. Powerful winds can do much harm to your eyes and hence sunglasses are important.
  • Always wear warm socks – A shiner, tight fitting pair of socks should be worn as the first layer. The second layer should be that of woolen socks. What is important is to see that the socks do not make your feet trapped in the boots by making them too tight. Having extra socks with you is always a safe option.
  • Put on a facemask – it is important to keep your face safe from all the elements. Might sound silly but it actually is important. For very windy conditions, a balaclava or face mask can act as a life saver, when especially on high elevations and the ski slopes.

With a sense of safety, the fun doubles on its own!

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