Bed sheets for Winters

winter bed sheets online

Winter demands certain preparations and similar is the case when you are moving to a place with cold climate. We think of everything, from winter wears to how keep our room warm. You buy comforters and duvets to keep us warm in bed but you often forget that a bed sheet can also contribute to our comfort by keeping our bed warm. But before you buy the warm bed sheets for winters, you need to know the difference between two types of sheet and about the materials that are used in making winter bed sheets.

winter bed sheets online

Two types of main sheets:

1) Flat sheet: It is usually a flat rectangular shaped cloth. The edges are sewn in a way that the sheet has four seams where one seam is made purposely wider than the other three seams so that it can go easily over the mattress towards the head end. Some sheets don’t have seams.

2) Fitted sheet: These are made in such a way that its corners fits over the corners of the mattress. These sheets are kept in place by elastic that are fitted in their corners and sometimes even the sides are fitted with elastic. Usually, it is used as mattress cover or bottom sheet because it does not slip from over the mattress.

Materials used in making warm bed sheets:

1) Wool: Wool is used to make fabrics for making warm winter bed sheets. The thickness or thinness of wool fibers decides the use of the wool. There are different kinds of wool that varies from very coarse and hairy to very fine.

2) Flannel: This fabric is made through plain weaving or twill weaving. Traditionally, it is made from carded wool or worsted yarn. But now cotton, synthetic and mixed fibers are also used for creating flannel. Napping, a process that is used to create soft and fuzzy surface forms flannel. Type of fiber material and the amount of napping utilized in it is determined by the intended use of the flannel.

3) Fleece: Traditionally fleece is made from wool, but now-a-days, it is also made from synthetic and cotton materials. It is thick and heavy but in proportion to its bulkiness it is light weight. It is used for making blankets, jackets and other winter wears because of its insulating properties.

4) Silk: Silk is tough and elastic but lustrous. Because of its smooth and soft texture, silk is considered to be a luxury. Silk bed sheets can be used both in summers and winters.

Since now you know about the types and materials of bed sheets, you can buy as per your needs.

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