Top Wellness destinations in India

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India is bestowed with treasures, some are natural and some manmade. The beautiful country generously open its arms to the tourists and travelers from all over the globe. A vacation to India will not only fascinate you with the culture and diversity, it can also aid you in your weight loss regime. It will be a fascination, which you will like to cherish in your hearts forever and carry it wherever you go. This is one place, which you will never be tired of revisiting and rekindling your memories. Some of the top wellness destinations in India are as follows.

Ananda in the Himalayas

Located in the scenic foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, the spa in Ananda is nature’s delight. The sap offers you ayurvedic massage that helps you unwind and makes you mentally calm. The yoga at the place is purely traditional and is tailored to suit the individual needs. The trained teachers talk to you in such a manner that you can learn about your body and prepare a yoga chart for you.

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Situated in the north eastern part of India, it is a virgin in habitat and not corrupted by modern civilization. Though you may have dance bars and internet connectivity, this place is not affected by the modern civilization. Gangtok, which is the capital of Sikkim, does not allow four wheelers into the state. Tourists need to walk around and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. The hospitality of the place is something which you can enjoy to the core.


Located in Himachal Pradesh, Dharmasala is another tourist spot, which is in the foothills of the Himalayas. This is an ideal winter destination with the backdrop of high mountain ranges and the Dal Lake, where you can undertake rowing which will aid your weight loss campaign. This Buddhist location offers weight loss vacation packages from which you can choose one that suits you.

But this is one part of the country which is extremely cold and quite often one is covered from head to toe, but the hands tend to be neglected. They cause numbness and frost bites, and for this reason, a pair of gloves is needed. You could buy woolen gloves as they act as a second line of defense.


Known as God’s own country, Kerala with its tall coconut groves and the back waters is an ideal destination for the weight loss lovers. The Kerala Ayurvedic Spa attracts tourists with its ancient Indian oil massages that not only aid in weight reduction, but also help you get rid of many ills. A dip in the backwaters may rejuvenate your body. Spa treatments under the guidance of spa therapists will open up chakras in your body.

Take your pick and get ready for some wellness therapy!

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