Enchanting journey along the Ganges


Even if you have not ventured out on a trip to India, the chances of not associating yourself with the term Ganges would be pretty slim. It is one of the longest rivers of the world, and according to Hindu mythology, it is the daughter of the mountain god- The Himalayas. The river has great cultural and religions connotations of the Hindu religion. The Ganges is so big that it is also used as a cremation ground. But all this makes the Ganges a must for all tourists, who wish to encounter all of India’s diverse beauty. There are a dozen of cities to admire along the Ganges, and if you feel adventurous, you can even and try and visit all.

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It is the oldest city of India, and for many, is known as the religious capital of India. It is also referred to as the city of the temples as there are close to 2000 temples and close to 200 Ghats. The banks of the Holy River at the place are most preferred cremation grounds and the city is visited by close to one million pilgrims each year. Even the great Gautama Buddha lived here and gave his first sermon here.

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It is the capital of the state West Bengal and is among the top ten populated cities in India and is a metropolitan city. As a matter of fact, it is the only metro city in the eastern part of the country. One of the biggest attractions of the place is the pulled rickshaws, which are an easy means of transport. Though Mumbai is famous for commercial cinemas, Kolkata is famous as the house of art films. Also, the second largest stadium in the world, the Salt Lake stadium is situated here.


It is situated on the north western part of India, the state of Uttar Pradesh and though it has strong Hindu roots the name of the city is Muslim. The state stands where the sacred union of the river Ganges, Yamuna and the Saraswati meet. It is the place of many palaces and temples and is known as it is known as the state of Prime Ministers as 7 out of the 13 Prime ministers belonged to this place in the post independence era.

Besides the above mentioned cities, there are some more, which deserve to be mentioned which are Kanpur, Patna, Haridwar, etc.

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