Tea Bags – Repurpose Them After Making Tea, They Can Do A Lot More


Tea bags are an inevitable part of our lives and we count on them a lot. However, do you know tea bags can do a lot more for you other than making a refreshing drink? Well, tea pods and leaves come with the goodness to serve you in many different ways and using them intuitively makes a huge sense especially when it offers the multifaceted control just the way you need. Repurposing is all about adding flair to everyday tasking and that indeed makes you a great performer too. Well, add the finest layer of control to your tasks and make the most from various staples available around you. It is as amazing as buying winter mufflers online when you need them during the winter. Here are some unique applications of tea bags you ought not to miss.


  • Brew yourself in a tea bath. Well, unrealistic yet true, you can repurpose used tea bags for a tea bath. Toss a few tea bags in a tub before you toss yourself in it. Moreover, it offers an amazing soothing effect too. Do not forget to use green tea. In fact, many of its vital contents are still present in the tea bag even when you use it once. The remainders offer a refreshing feel and these are good for skin too.
  • Brewed black tea works amazingly as furniture stainer. You can make your wooden furniture look antique in a few moments. Take a cotton ball or a cotton cloth, dip it in the concoction, and rub it on the furniture. Making the concoction is easy. Take a few used tea bags, empty the content in a bowl, add water, and simmer for some time. Occasional stir is required. This concoction works wonderfully in making your furniture look awesome and save hundreds of bucks on its maintenance, polish, and other supplies.
  • Used tea bags work excellently in fighting back poppy eye bags. The recipe is simple. Take two used tea bags, dip them in warm water, and squeeze to remove excess water. Keep these tea bags on popping eye bags and unwind for about fifteen minutes. It helps in overcoming the problem. Nothing goes waste when you use it smartly.
  • Tea bags work wonderfully in boosting acidicity of the soil. Open a few used tea bags and spread its content in the soil in your green corner or the backyard for that matter. Mix well and get set for the fireworks. Tealeaves and pods from the bags are a superb growth booster for acid-loving plants.

Repurposing is an art and you can always enjoy more advantages when you do it smartly. In fact, repurposing everyday staples like used tea bags is an amazing idea and it helps you making the most of it. Therefore, keep a container in kitchen to store used tea bags and use them as and when needed. Adding vibrancy to life by simplifying everyday tasks is amazing and it makes you a smart homemaker. Learn and adapt is the true mantra of repurposing; are you up to it now?

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