Smartphone Addiction – Shake It Off In Three Simple Steps

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Smartphone addiction is a common problem these days and there is no bar on the age and gender of the victims. In fact, social media has taken the engagement level of a user on its all time high. Well, enjoying the good times is quite easy these days and your smartphone undeniably opens gateways for it. However, drawing a demarcation line is always necessary to upgrade the scale of operations and entail the ultimate control of everyday tasks. Moreover, the complications grow infinitely as the addiction level grows. Well, buying winter bed sheets online is simple anyway but cracking the hottest deal is amazing. The same goes with the smartphone addiction too. Thrashing it is amazing. Go ahead, try these three simple steps, and unveil a brand new world full of more productivity and fun.

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Step I

Avoid the huge disturbance caused by a smartphone by turning off notification alerts. Well, it is simple to turn off alerts but doing it needs courage. These alerts disturb you a lot often invariably causing the loss of the concentration when you need it the most. Well, why do you need to attend a Facebook post by your friend on the wall of his friend’s friend? Well, noting serious is there to spend time on it when you are in between something crucial. Therefore, cut down distraction for better concentration and it is possible simply by turning off notification alerts.

Step II

A lot more is out there other than WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype in the world of smartphone apps. Various productivity apps help you in staying organized in a better manner. For an example, a built in Do Not Disturb menu on iOS smartphone truly helps you in avoiding distractions whilst staying tuned with the essentials. You can filter the incoming notification traffic with preset parameters. Therefore, your boss’s email reaches you but the menu blocks the notifications from Facebook or WhatsApp for the predefined period. Android platform hosts apps with similar functionality. Get yours now.

Step III

Install an app like IFTTT or something with similar functionality. These apps offer a unique platform to set programs and then they control your smartphone accordingly. It prominently helps in creating a distraction free environment. For an example, you can program the app about important emails and it texts you when they arrive. Adding functional style is amazing when you use technology adaptively. Moreover, many such productivity booster apps are available free to users. Using such smart apps indeed is a wise decision and it helps you in staying focused in what you are intended to do.

Thrashing the symptoms of mobile addition is easy in a way only if you want to toss them out of your life. Using simple methods and apps truly help you in staying away from distractions and it indeed works the wonders you need. Well, it is a great productivity booster too. Be sure to learn the essentials and stick to them for a promising head start you deserve.

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