Usage of muffler as a winter protector

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Muffler is a tiny piece of clothe worn around the neck region of the human body or near the head part. They also cover the ears, preventing the cool wind passing through the ear canal and damaging the internal tissues and the ear drum. They can be of various colors. In winter, a thick scarf made of acrylic wool, is wrapped around the neck. It makes to feel warm. Generally, they are used in combination with hat and substantial coats. There might be many reasons for the use of mufflers. They can be for protection purpose, for fashion, etc. These mufflers are manufactured by knitting. This great skill of knitting clothes is a chief commerce in many of the countries. Fashion change in accordance with the generation. But still the hand-knitted clothes are ruling the present days and people gift these garments as well for various winter occasions. Mostly used by women and these mufflers cover the complete head part including the hair of women, ears and leave the face part uncovered. Women normally use these mufflers for reasons like sanity purpose, fashion, and religious sake or to hide the baldness etc.

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Mufflers are made of various materials and acrylic mufflers are one among them. Acrylic is a soft, light in weight, warm with smooth feel. These acrylic fibers are man-made (synthetic fibers). Though it cannot compete with the natural fibers, it is the best alternative used commonly by the people. Most of the people who are sensitive to particular fabrics prefer acrylic, which is suitable for any kind of skin types. Acrylic woolen fibers can be easily molded into any shape and acrylic clothes stand on their shape perfectly without loosening. They act as good insulator and generate heat and keep the body warm, which make people more comfortable and happier in winter particularly.

There are many ways to manufacture mufflers and the ancient and great way of manufacturing mufflers is hand-knitting. People generally do this job to earn money and it is usually followed by the home makers in the colder regions. The best among all kinds of mufflers is acrylic wool muffler, which is beneficial in many ways. They are last for longer periods, in-expensive, lighter and can be available in various bright and desirable colors. The colors of these mufflers do not fade easily and keep up the shiny nature for years. It is the major advantage is water resistant and majority of its weight is due to the absorption of moisture from the surroundings. It also does not make the feel of dampness. Older people who stay at home or the other usually wear these mufflers often throughout the day and night to protect them from the biting cold. People who opt for a walk early in the mornings experience more cold and snowfall. In order to feel warm and keep their health on track they on safer side wrap these mufflers around their head part.

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