Understand on how to dress for work

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This is one of the areas where there is lot of confusion and one is not clear in their thought process. The working wardrobe will be completely different in a region, climate, company or industry. Say the dress code for an investment banker in Mumbai will be completely different from a graphic designer in Delhi.


  • As the common rule, fit into the culture of your company. If your dress code is completely different from someone else in the company, you will stand out and may throw you in poor light. Dressing according to the culture of the company shows that you are a team player and are concerned about the image of your company in front of the clients. In this regard, one could avail the dress code of the company.
  • Opt for quality over quantity- A well made jacket may cost you a lot when it is compared to a poor quality one. It will look better and may tend to pinch you less on the pockets.
  • The tailor and the dry cleaner are the most important people in your life. One needs to understand is that the most expensive suit in the world can still look terrible if it does not fit your properly.
  • Ensure that proper care is taken of your clothes. One would like their winter clothes to last for a considerable amount of time, so they need to ensure that it is taken care of properly. When you buy men’s jackets, most of them have instructions on how to wash and dry it. If you are not sure you can avail the services of a laundry.



  • Most of the rules for interview dressing apply if your company has a professional dress code. If there is more flexibility regarding the code and the color, it is all the more better. Have the dress code of the company policy in hand before you go out shopping.
  • No matter whatever is the dress code of the company, do not wear tight or trendy clothes to work. This is all the more important for women as they tend to be judged more by their clothes rather than men.
  • Fit into the company culture- As a general rule, if everyone wears pastels to work and you dress in black every day, then you might be a complete misfit at your workplace. This shows that you are completely against the company culture.
  • Opt for accessories- This should match with your dress and it will look great on you if one adopts a mix and blend approach.

All this will ensure that you have the perfect set of clothes when you go out to work.

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