How to dress casuals at your work

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The work place environment is not how it is used to be. Professional attire is a must at any workplace, but what constitutes professional attire can greatly be influenced by the location, profession along with location. Even in the most restricted environments like a law office, some leniency is permitted during certain times of the year. During the summer months, the heat makes the professional attire very warm. Though one may not wear heavy set of clothes, your cupboard should include items on what is best at your workplace. A list of the do’s and don’ts at your workplace!

Do not wear sweats or pyjamas

Just because one is dressing casually does not mean that you will ignore on what the clothes say about you and your work. One needs to understand that one of the reasons on why professional attire exists is that it boosts your confidence and you look better in them. Wearing such sorts of clothes will make you lazy in the eyes of the others. These kinds of clothes, typically by design do not fit well and are not to be worn to office at any cost. One of the golden rules to follow is never to wear anything to work which you are going to wear at home.

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Do wear jeans

Jeans are a great alternative to slack or dress pants that are typical in any form of professional attire. Though, one needs to be mindful of the type of jeans which they wear. Choosing a dark color than a light pair of jeans would look much better. Jeans with holes or distressed pair of jeans are totally no at the workplace. Fit is also important as straight legged jeans are going to be the more professional option.

Do not roll just out of bed

Just because it is a casual Friday, does not mean that your dress code will be relaxed. This applies to your grooming also and do not neglect your personal appearance like combing or cutting your nails. When it is casual attire, ensure that you look best as people tend to be more mindful.

Have the perfect set of shoes

Flip flops are a strict no at your workplace, since most of the co workers are not interested in seeing the feet of the co workers. Tennis shoes are not allowed as they throw you in casual light. Sandals should also be avoided at any cost. You need to buy perfect office shoes. One has to protect the feet on all counts and one should wear the best winter socks for men, and in this regard, wool is the best bet as it does not have any form of washing instructions and you can wear it multiple times without washing.

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