Clean-Air Houseplants – What Are They Worth For You?

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Rethink if you think your home is a cozy safe place to dwell in. well, many VOCs or volatile organic compounds are in and around your house and at times their contamination level is higher inside the home than the outside. Environmental concern caused by VOCs is known to many; however, it could turn into a real-time threat for you too. Avoiding the use of products emitting VOCs is one way of dealing with the problem. However, there is another solution to it and houseplants come handy in rescuing you from the threat forever. Well, integrating these plants in your lifestyle is as snappy as you buy winter bed sheets online right before the splurge of the cold.

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Peace Lily

Peace Lily thrives excellently in house. The indoor plant is known to absorb some common VOCs found in home. We use many chemical products like paints or furniture polish and waxes. Benzene is released from them and Peace Lily absorbs it well. Moreover, it also works fantastically on Trichloroethylene, another VOC commonly released from paints as well as inks. In addition, Peace Lily absorbs formaldehyde too. However, be sure to keep pets away as Peace Lily is known to cause health hazards to pets due to its poisonous nature. Amazingly, planting Peace Lily at home is a wonderful gateway to reduce atmospheric VOCs to a great extent.

English Ivy

English Ivy is the next pick. This indoor plant requires a little sunlight unlike the Peace Lily, which is a shade-loving plant. Leaves of English Ivy are best in absorbing formaldehyde from the atmosphere. Formaldehyde is one of the common VOCs we encounter everyday due to its release from synthetic carpet dyes, floorboards, and many building and construction related products. English Ivy does not need much care and thrives just about anywhere in your home with some sunlight.

Spider Plant

Long lush green leaves and cute white flowers is not all about Spider Plant. This amazing wonder of the nature is good at keeping various VOCs away from you. Its long leaves absorb VOCs like  formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, and even xylene found in paint thinners and various chemical solvents. Well, adding the missing green thumb whilst securing your ambiance from harmful and rather carcinogenic VOCs is easy when you count on Spider Plant. Well, it does not need much care too.

Amazing role of plants in keeping your ambiance clean makes a huge sense when knowingly or unknowingly we contribute in releasing various VOCs in the atmosphere. These plants indeed are resourceful and need less care and attention yet they perform up to the mark when you count on them. Planting them is a fantastic idea in addition to avoiding the use of VOC releasing materials. For an example, insist on buying VOC-free paint. It helps in keeping everyone safe. Chemicals are integral in our life yet we ought to be sensible in deciding which chemicals to use. Staying away from the hazards of VOCs is the call for the day and even a small contribution from everyone matters a lot.

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