Tourist attractions of Mahabalipuram

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Mahabalipuram is situated on the Coromandel Coast in Tamil Nadu. You can appreciate the masterful and structural manifestations of the past by occupying Mahabalipuram special tourist packages. Delightful shorelines, sanctuaries and many other attractions make this spot lovely and charming for every visitor. With the assistance of Mahabalipuram tour packages you get a chance to buy different sorts of handcrafted artworks from the nearby shops. The tourist guides will help you with all these activities. They will even arrange suitable accommodation facility and provide good quality transport and food during your holidays at Mahabalipuram.

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In old time, this city was celebrated by the name of Mamallapuram and later the name was changed to Mahabalipuram. It is a best place for a family holiday to enjoy with your kids. There are numerous spots in Mahabalipuram which draws thousands of visitors from all parts of the country every day. Many foreign tourists also visit this place. With the assistance of Mahabalipuram package tour, you can cover most of these spots which are famous in this region.

  1. Thirukadamallai: It is a sanctuary which is devoted to Lord Vishnu. You can see and appreciate this spot with Mahabalipuram special night package tour.
  1. Shore Temple: This is a wonderful sanctuary which is situated on the shore. This is a sanctuary in the middle of two Shiva temples and it is exceptionally renowned for its architecture and rich heritage. You can see the idol of the bull Nandi sitting in front of the Lord.
  1. Panch Pandava Rathas: This is one of the prime attractions of Mahabalipuram. You ought to without a doubt visit these sublime structures during your holiday tour to Mahabalipuram. These Pancha Pandava Rathas merit seeing sight and these structures are of seventh century.
  1. Crocodile Bank: This place is situated 14 km far from Mahabalipuram and is one of the major attractions for wild life enthusiasts. There are numerous sorts of crocodiles and additionally a snake park is also situated in this place.
  1. Arjuna’s Penance: This spot comprises of two stones on which historic and mythological carvings are portrayed. It is said that Arjuna performed penance in this region to get blessings of Shiva.

There is also something for the adventure lovers. You can appreciate the bicycle rides around the farmland and enjoy the vessel rides in the Bay of Bengal. The climatic condition is very good throughout the year and the best season to visit this place is in winter. However, make sure to carry some good quality winter garments along with your baggage. You can now easily get these goods on the internet. You can get sweaters, jackets and also buy bed linen online India. Make sure to take these along with you during the winter holiday to Mahabalipuram to enjoy a safe and comfortable holiday with your family and friends.

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