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winter bed sheets online

Have a look around… The winter is on…!!! So, are you completely prepared to fit into the changing weather conditions? Have you changed your cotton wear of summer to winter wool clothes..? Did you purchase brand new accessories to look stylish and warm..? You are still missing out something. It’s time to replace your bed sheets with the one which brings you greater warmth and comfort. “Bed sheets for winter is often an unsung aspect for many of us. We spent about one third of our life time sleeping…!!! So, you can’t miss this out..!!

winter bed sheets online

 Recommended Bed Sheet Materials For Winter:

Various natural and synthetic materials are employed in the manufacture of the bed sheets. The fabrics which can give out better warmth have to be chosen. Here below are a few of them:

  • Wool, which is a natural fabric, can bring you better warmth. They are elastic and resilient. In selecting a woolen bed sheet, consider the thickness which determines the extent of warmth provided.
  • Flannel, is a fabric which is produced from worsted yarn or carded wool through plain or twill weaving. It is often blended with various synthetic materials or cotton. This particular fabric undergoes a process called napping which yields soft and fuzzy surface.
  • Fleece is another preferred fabric in cold weather conditions because of its high insulating properties. Conventional methods of fleece production involve wool whereas in the recent past, cotton and other synthetic fibers are also employed in their manufacture.
  • Silk bed sheets have demand all round the year. Though they are used in summer, they can also be preferred in winter as they can provide enough warmth. A highly smooth and soft texture of the silk bed sheet brings out a luxurious look.

A Few Points to Be Considered While Purchasing:

  • The extent of warmth provided depends highly on the thickness of the fabric.
  • The fabric selected should be highly durable so as to survive a few washes.
  • Check out the instructions for washing. It is advisable to chose either hand or machine washable bed sheets. A few of them strongly recommend to be dry cleaned which may not be convenient for the user.
  • Never forget to consider the size factor. Chose the one which exactly fits the bed. Either too short or too long bed sheets are difficult to handle.
  • It’s very essential to select alluring colors of the bed sheets. Picking up darker colors is advisable. Having distinct colors for the pillows and bed sheets can bring out some pleasantness in the room environment.


When someone talks about the types of bed sheets, they are mainly aimed at two distinct types as follows:

  • A flat sheet which is rectangular in geometry. In general it has four seams. One among them is a little wider and it is meant to go at the head end. However, there are a few flat sheets which don’t have any sleeves at all.
  • A fitted sheet as the name suggests, fits exactly at the corners of the mattress. The extreme corners are made elastic so that it doesn’t get dislocated.

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