Dry Face and Windburns – What All Winter Tolls Are You Paying


Facial skin is most sensitive and it often suffers from the windburns due to prolonged exposure to the sun in the cold. Winter tolls are tough to pay and it indeed makes you suffer from various concerns you never wanted at all. Make sure to modify your lifestyle and act in response to seasonal demands. Various changes are required to preserve skin tone and it subtly saves you from the hassles and hazards of the winter, season after season. Taking care of dry facial skin is quite easy and you need not go out there to a dermatologist for the treatment unless it is truly beyond the control.

Skin Care Begins With You

You need to understand the skin structure and reciprocations of winter on it. Simple home remedies work wonders and help you earn natural, soft, and glowing skin. Here are some quick solutions for dry skin.


  • Give up on all face products you love at least during the winter. Many of these face products can make your skin sick and experience anomalies. Skipping synthetic cosmetics and face packs is quite a good idea. Especially, products with alcohol content can seriously damage stressed skin.
  • Use mild face wash instead of your favorite pick with lots of properties and solutions for skin problems. Your dry facial skin requires gentle care and mild face wash certainly provides it.
  • Drink water as often as required. It helps in rehydrating skin and keeps it glowing fresh. Moreover, drinking water does not attract any side effects.


  • Greek yogurt is a good solution you can try once a week. Lactic acid in Greek yogurt works wonders on your skin making is soft, supple, and fresh. In fact, the yogurt helps to exfoliate dead skin cells in a non-abrasive manner. Various natural ingredients are known to offer excellent resolution and all you need to do is try them at once.
  • Rethink if you are a fan of beauty salon. Trying homemade moisturizing pack offers excellent results and you can always count on milk, avocado, bananas, and egg yolk. All of them mixed together provide excellent nourishment to your skin it deserves in the winter.
  • Adding a natural touch to your diet habits by adding aromatic vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, garlic, and onions truly helps you to earn trouble-free skin. Moreover, aromatic vegetables are a good supply of selenium you require for excellent skin elasticity.

In addition to dry skin conditions, your face is prone to suffer from windburns or winter sunburns. These are serious concern and truly make you look awful too. Applying sunscreen with higher SPF content and UV protection offers relief. In addition, count on 1% hydrocortisone cream for applying on red irritating spots. The cream has certain steroids known to reduce itching and inflammation. Moreover, winter coat for women online shopping truly helps you to stay away from overexposure to cold and alleviate problems. Stay healthy this winter by applying a little commonsense and the perfect preventive care. You deserve it.

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