Winter Wear Care – Not as Ordinary as it Apparently Appears!


Since the dawn of March, every home in India forgets the winter wear and starts the process to stack and store until the temperature starts dropping in the winter. Commonly, winter wear is washed and stored; however, are you aware that doing it improperly kills the juice of the charming appeal and the warmth. In fact, many among us certainly are not aware of the fact, and in turn make their winter wear last only a season or two. The problem is not with the quality of the winter wear, the problem lies in how you treat them ruthlessly.

What makes your winter wear last only a season or two?

In a typical Indian household, the most common practice is to wash the winter wear with detergent powder and store it. During the washing process, soda from the detergent powder affects the consistency the wool structure weakening it greatly. Moreover, soda is known to induce fading of the color causing it to lose the charisma forever. Detergent powers are tough on the dirt. However, these are not easy on the woolen winter wear. Relentlessly, your expensive winter wear loses its charm, consistency, and turns a waste of money for you on each wash. The solution is simple.


What you ought to do for excellent and uncompromising care of winter wear?

Superior quality Woolmark certified liquid detergents and conditioners are available on counters. It is an inexpensive solution to preserve your precious winter wear in a spick and span condition for years to come. Here is the recipe how you ought to do it

  • Clean your winter wear for residual dirt, remainders of dust, and other visible particles
  • Take half-bucket water and add Woolmark certified liquid detergent
  • Soak for five to ten minutes
  • Rotate them from left to right and alternately from right to left for a few times
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Never wring or squeeze to remove excess water
  • Always dry winter wear under a shed and direct exposure to sunlight is strongly not recommended

Following the procedure precisely delivers outstanding results. Moreover, the same results can be obtained even when washing machine is used. However, always ensure to buy Woolmark certified liquid detergent as it is specially formulated for gentle care just the way your woolens require. In addition, make sure to place a few mothballs while storing woolens as moths are topmost enemies of woolens who feed on the fiber nutrients. Various herbal insecticides are also available and are known to deliver outstanding results.

As anticipated, once stacked, you might not look at your woolens for the next few months. Therefore, treat woolens and jackets with respect and pack them with care. Extending the life of winter wear is indeed your cup of tea. However, you must know how to deal with these gorgeous clothing on your own. In fact, you always can double the benefits by buying cheap parka jackets men require and preserving them in a right manner for lasting performance for years and a perfect value for money you deserve. Although, you may need parka jackets and other woolens in winter, understand their significance for protection from cold and preserve them well.

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